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Tired of older women

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Everyone feels tired now and then. But, after a good night's sleepmost people feel refreshed and ready to face a new day.

Tired of older women I Am Look For Dating

If, like Liang, you continue to feel tired for weeks, it's time to see your doctor. He or she may be able to help you find out what's causing your fatigue.

In fact, your doctor may even suggest you become more activeas exercise may reduce fatigue and improve quality of life. Feeling fatigued can be like an alarm going off in your body.

It may be the first sign that something is wrong.

But, fatigue itself is not a disease. For example, people with rheumatoid arthritisa painful condition that affects the joints, often complain of other symptoms, including fatigue.

Tired of older women

People with cancer may feel fatigued from the disease, treatments, or both. Are you fearful about the future?

Do you worry about your health and who will take care of you? Are you afraid you are no longer needed? O worries like these can take a Tired of older women on your energy. Fatigue can be linked to many emotions, including:.

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Regular physical activity or exercise may help reduce feelings of depression and stress while improving your mood and overall well-being. Some lifestyle habits can make you feel tired.

Here are some things that may be draining your energy:. If you've been tired for several weeks with no relief, it may be time to call your healthcare provider.

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He or she will ask questions about your sleep, daily activities, appetite, and exercise, and will likely give you a physical exam and order lab tests.

Your treatment will be based on your history and the results of your exam and lab tests. Your doctor may prescribe medications to target underlying health problems, Tired of older women as anemia or irregular thyroid oldfr.

He or she may suggest that you eat a well-balanced diet and begin an exercise program. Read about this topic in Spanish. National Cancer Institute toll-free cancergovstaff mail.

Fatigue in Older Adults. On this page: What Else Causes Fatigue? Related Articles.