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Lets go see a movie tonight on me

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Home Answers English. For learning: English Base language: English Category: Characters remaining question.

Annie - Let's Go To The Movies Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Characters remaining: Best Answer - Chosen by Voting. Hello Monti, Eli's answer is very goodI will just give some more examples.

More open questions for learning English I want practice english with someone please contact me 0 I am not sure whether or not there are any differences between 'a number of' and 'the number of.

But I do feel "Why not sounds better. Copyright Senior Member. Welcome to the forum.

I'm afraid that with questions and answers like these, you are in trouble. I think A, C and D are all correct, and even B might be correct except that it sounds pretty Lehs for a native speaker.

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Shall we go to a movie tonight? Why not? Frankly, of these three correct answers, I find "Ok" to be the weakest.

If someone said "Ok" to me in these circumstances, I would think that maybe they were just agreeing in order to be polite, and maybe didn't really want to go. Oregon, USA.

If someone said "Ok" to me in these circumstances, I would think that maybe they If so, I see that B is the only answer as stiff and unnatural as the The question includes 'let's go' after the proposed answers, and I do think. For example, "I'm going to (go see) a movie tonight. This means, X sounds really good to me right now. "What do you want to do tonight?" saying "go for a movie" if you are suggesting to someone let's "watch a movie". Since this is the first Movie section, let me take a quick minute to explain how to find out movie "Hey John, do you want to (wanna) go see a movie tonight?".

I'm not at all sure the answer is supposed to be "Yes, we shall. I can imagine "Yes, we shall" working in some very unlikely situation ,e below: We shall meet again, darling, shall we not? Yes, we shall.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. None of the choices sound particularly natural to moovie except "ok," and even that is a rather lukewarm response to an invitation.

In AE, by far the most likely word to fill in the blank - assuming that you really did want to go to the movies - would be "sure! Will, I'm wondering whether the issue might be the punctuation.

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Can you confirm how the choices are punctuated? A Why not - only works if followed by a question mark.

Lets go see a movie tonight on me

And Let's tonighht starts with an initial cap. B Yes we shall - only works with a comma after Yes and a comma after shall C certainly - only works with a capital C and a comma after certainly Local fuck friends Bim West Virginia ok - only works with capitalised OK followed by a comma.

You should say you came across, rather than meta question. The question includes 'let's go' after the proposed answers, and I do think this Lets go see a movie tonight on me a difference. Of the four options, D, 'Okay, let's go' is the most natural.

Thank you for such careful check-up,ntkretep!