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As they do so, they bring this goodness to all Life. All human beings are female for the first few weeks of life; hence, Irvine cali sex mom female sex and body is the primordial form for all humanity. The male sex cannot do what Woman does for us.

To Woman do all humans literally owe everything. Every woman needs a place that is just for her, where she is not constantly required to focus on, care for or supervise others.

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Also, many of the themes of events and Sunday Services held by The Goddess Temple are adult in nature and not suitable to very young children. Click on "Virtual Tour" above.

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Life as it was always meant to be " TM. The Queen Irvine cali sex mom TM illuminate "The Queen Archetype in Woman" the archetype most missing in modern women todayand clearly explain why the return of her Queen Power is essential for every woman's happiness.

Keep your current faith Enter your Irvine cali sex mom and e-mail address below to begin receiving once-a-week e-mails about our public events, news and offerings It takes a Goddess Temple for me to know who I am. Come and experience what is the essence of divinity at this Goddess Temple.

For this purpose, does her Temple exist and continue. Until all Queens Return. It is necessary for freedom of expression. Because The Temple rituals are so psychologically satisfying.

Sign Up Today! Last Name: Pictured left: Until the past few decades, the famous Willendorf Cail centercarved of bone some 30, years ago, was held to be the earliest human-crafted work of art and veneration.

The Acheulian Goddess predates Willendorf by an amazing quarter-million years, and may be as old asyears. Found near Willendorf, Austria. Feet pointed to push into earth to stand upright. mpm

This is not a "venus" fertility figure as most modern archaeologists have asserted, but rather a female power figure. This is not the nubile body of a fertile young woman, but rather that of an older female in Irvine cali sex mom Queen yearswho leads the tribe with the authority and wisdom of maturity.

Dordogne, southwestern France.

Goddess points to belly, from which all human life comes, and holds horn with thirteen marks, probably representing the female monthly moontime. These are the representations of the oldest religion of all humanity--Goddess.

The archaeological record proves: