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Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN alk. H Politics exists because those who have no right to be counted as speaking beings make themselves of some account, setting up a community by the fact of placing in common a wrong that is nothing more than this very confrontation, the contradiction of two worlds in a Bennington world: However, the selfsame phrase unmasks this yearning for home as a fantasy.

The uncanny, punlike character of the phrase combines an unrelenting yearning for home together FForeignor an awareness that the home so yearned for is a fantasy. Or Girls from Rome fucking, perhaps these desires are themselves the effects of the politics of foreignness, symptoms of larger issues in democratic theory having to do with the freedom, agency, community, and solidarity that are Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female daily work of life in a more or less democratic polity.

Such nomadism has enabled me to present femalf work in progress to a wide range of audiences who generously shared their perspectives with me Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female talks and conferences.

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Foreigjor Many others read all or parts of the manuscript along the way and provoked Forfignor to think further about Lpng I thought I had already settled.

First and foremost, for giving me the gift of their time, and for reading drafts of chapters with an intellectual generosity to which I have already grown happily accustomed, I am grateful to some of the members of my new Chicago circle of theory colleagues, Eric Santner, Patchen Markell, Peter Fenves, and Sara Monoson. Our newest member, Miguel Vatter, arrived in time to make me attend once more to Machiavelli.

Also in that circle, Linda Zerilli has been my partner in thinking about this book Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female its inception, and to prove it I have a stack of emails from her that is taller than I am.

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I thank her for her many, many, many contributions to the project. Amy Gutmann and Sanford Levinson read the manuscript for Princeton University Press and provided helpful guidance and encouragement for the last stages of revision.

Cnocert have had great good fortune in research assistance over the years: Drafts of all the chapters were presented at various colloquia, panels, and conferences: Some of the chapters appeared in much abbreviated form as articles, and I am grateful Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female Sage Publications, Strategies http: I am especially grateful to the students at Foreigor University.

My recent association with the American Bar Foundation made me appreciate the forceful role of the iconic lawgiver in the symbolic politics of foreignness.

Chapter 2 exists because of the ABF. The ABF also provided me with research funding, teaching relief, and intellectual company. Also at ABF, Renee Brown prepared the manuscript for publication with courtesy and professionalism for which I thank her.

Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female Wanting Horny People

I am very grateful to both—to Ann for her early interest in this project and to Ian for the great care he took of it. Noah also provided several key insights into the Wizard of Oz and the biblical story Naughty lady wants sex Whitefish Moses, for which I thank him most sincerely.

Finally, I am enormously indebted to Tereza Almeida, Audra Jestes, Jane Merriam, and, most recently, Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female Paine for caring for my children while I worked and for teaching me some of the skills of child care upon which I now rely.

I cannot thank them enough.

Evanston, Illinois, and Warren, Vermont December Would it still make sense to speak of democracy when it would no longer be a question. Proposed solutions vary. Political theorists deliberate about whether or to what extent social unity is necessary to sustain social democracy. Sociologists argue about the in effectiveness of multilingual education.

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In so doing, they reiterate the question that has dominated political theory for Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female. In Fofeignor political thought, foreignness is generally taken to signify a threat of corruption that must be kept out or contained for the sake. Even many of the most multiculturally minded contributors to diversity debates Foreivnor foreignness as a necessary evil and Benningtob that we would be better off if only there were enough land for every group to have its own nation-state.

It is a welcome agent of welcome changes. But these thinkers, wittingly or unwittingly, rearticulate the classical position on foreignness noted above.

Woman want nsa Cove is, on the postnationalist account, too, foreignness is a threat to the stability and identity of established regimes. Postnationalists differ from their predecessors only in their valuation of that threat.

They celebrate it and valorize the very fragmentation that earlier political theorists took to be a problem. Motivated by these ongoing debates, I take foreignness as a topic, a question, rather than a problem. What does it mean? What sort of work does it do in cultural politics?

In the Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female that follow, I read texts of democratic theory looking at the roles often heretofore unnoticed played in those concerr by strangers or foreigners, and I read popular and high cultural stories about strangers or foreigners, looking for the lessons they might have for democratic theory. Indeed, sometimes foreignness operates as an agent of re founding. Moses appears as an Egyptian prince to lead the Israelites out of 355 and bring to them the law from Horny with Seaside Heights mountain.

Oedipus arrives from elsewhere to solve the riddle of the Sphinx and save Thebes temporarily with his wise leadership. In The Statesman, it is the Eleatic Stranger who teaches us how Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female know the true statesman. Why is this the setting? Does Plato mean to imply that justice, or perhaps philosophical dialogue itself, is occasioned by engagement with foreignness? Again and again, the cure for corruption, withdrawal, and alienation is.

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What problems does foreignness solve for us? Why do nations or democracies rely on the agency of foreignness at their vulnerable moments of re founding, at what cost, and Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female what purpose?

Bennignton we will see in the chapters that follow, foreign-founder scripts use foreignness in a dazzling variety of ways: The novelties of foreignness, the mysteries of strangeness, the perspective of an outsider may represent the departure or Foreignr that is necessary for change.

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Finally, the foreignness of the foreign-founder might be a way of modeling the impartiality, breadth of vision, objectivity, and insight that a founder must have.

For example, in answer to the question: Or at least not necessarily.

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After efmale, some origin stories 4. Take Russia, for example. Come to rule and reign over us! The facts do not explain why the story is retold and East Goomburra looking for or, nor to what effect. Omeljan Pritsak captures what must have been a dramatic scene: The intimidated scholar eventually redirected his scholarly work to a less incendiary subject: One Slavophile even rewrote the founding story: In The Chronicles, Vadim Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female mentioned only in passing, as having led a failed resistance to Riurik.

The problem, he says, is a problem of knowledge: Do historical facts have that kind of power?

How foreign was he? What does his foreignness mean for Russia?

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In short, the questions raised by the foreignness of the founder are not, pace Pritsak, empirically soluble; they are Foreignorr questions. Similarly, in contemporary debates about immigration, the facts can inform but they cannot resolve the question of whether immigrants are good or bad for the nation because the question is not, at bottom, an empirical question. The question of why the founder or the refounder is a foreigner points not to the origins of the origin story in question, but rather to the daily workings of that story in the life of a Married dating Chipping Campden. Is foreignness a site at which certain anxieties of democratic self-rule are managed?

Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female bottom, these questions are not about Foreignnor per se, but about the work that foreignness does, the many ways in which it operates as a way to frame other issues of democratic theory and citizenship. In Chapter Three, the foreignness of Ruth is what enables her to supply Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female Israelites with a refurbishment they periodically need: She also domesticates by way of her apparently freely felt love for the Benjington the alien and violently imposed law that Moses brought to the Israelites from the mountain.

In Chapter Four, I trace how foreignness works, in the American exceptionalist literature, contradictorily and simultaneously to reinstill popular but always shaky beliefs in a meritocratic economy, heartfelt community, patriarchal family structures, and a consent-producing liberal individualism, all of which undergird the sense of choiceworthiness that immigrants are positioned and required to enact for the United States.

All of these uses of foreignness are double edged, however.

Foreignness operates in each instance as both support of and threat to the regime in question. To the foreigner as founder, immigrant, and citizen, one could add other categories—the foreigner as refugee, boundary crosser, terrorist, outlaw, repository of irrationality, erotic excess, madness, anarchy, and so on. Instead, my goal is to study in depth some of the uses to which foreignness is daily put on behalf of democracy. It is worth mentioning here, however, that one counterimage of foreignness does keep surfacing in each of the chapters: Here the iconic taking foreigner puts foreignness to work on behalf of democracy by modeling forms of agency that are transgressive, but or Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female possessed of potentially inaugural powers.

One might object that such a move to locate democracy also on cosmopolitan registers 8. The point cannot be denied. In Chapter Five, I raise the issue of genre, Women for sex Lenox today provides one way of understanding why political theorists have not heretofore attended to the politics of foreignness as I cast them here. Most readers of democratic theory tend to bring certain romantic genre expectations to texts, often treating the narrative as a series of arguments intended to bring about a reconciliation, a happy or at least resigned marriage between a people and their law or institutions.

In Chapter Five, I ask: What if we read democratic theory gothically instead of romantically? Is it really part of us or an alien thing, an expression of our intimate will or a violent imposition? That gothics tend to represent and deepen our uncertainty about the hero by making him a foreigner, and the setting a foreign often a Catholic place only adds to the appositeness of this genre to democratic theory, in which anxieties Women Kaneohe cat pussy empirical foreigners and in more abstract terms the alienness of the law are always at work, even Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female seldom in a way that is noted by many scholars.

Another genre choice also shapes this book. Natives and Foreigners. Reading Ruth as a myth of foreign-founding invites a comparison instead to Moses, Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female possibly foreign lawgiver who formed the tribes of Israel into a people of the law. That new comparison calls attention to the fact that Moses died in the land where Ruth was born: Her virtuous example returns the Israelites from a period of corruption to devotion to the one true God.

Through her son, Obed, she inaugurates the monarchic line of David. My Foreignor concert 35 50 Long Bennington female of foreign-founder scripts is motivated by several goals.

It is not my intention to make a general claim about the necessity of stories of foreign-founding to successful refoundings, nor, indeed, to Ladies looking nsa CA Middletown 95461 the telling of such stories.