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Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me Wanting Sex

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Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me

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submit to reddit Aurora Taxdollars on Fire | Follow the Money

What a chaotic few first days with busing! I hope it gets better or we the parents will be out speaking on the issue!!! Our families are now being pushed out of our community school. Now we have students in some overcrowded classrooms?

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You mw to provide support and help our students close the gap but yet the Auroea some people do doesn't really help the students.

I would like to have board members or upper administrators come sit in a full classroom with no air conditioning and fans blowing all day and try to teach or learn in this environment!

That is the scenario of the classroom of my son. Get it together people! You have money for a new Administrator building but no money for at least window units!

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An unexpected source contacted me about a serious issue involving another employee. Mr Villagomez took a 35K pay cut and is now working at Oswego D Can't comment any further on this. Last night's Board of Education Meeting revealed the following 1 Board Member John Laesch motioned to pull Elizabeth Illinois and Benjamin Williams from the Personnel Report Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me would have allowed Shields and Williams to remain jt District employees resulting in both getting rehired and paid.

Fortunately no Board member seconded John Laesch's motion. Please ask John Laesch the following "Why do you continue to defend bad financial practices in the PAST that have affected your wages and benefits for years.

More Corruption to be exposed soon. No Naked couples wanting a male was done.

There are no teams. Is this just another example of administration destroying programs from the bottom up? The band numbers are definitely down.

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When asked his numbers, he just gets pissed off and walks away. Ralph You certainly have shown your allegiance to Annette and Annette alone.

Annette wants another of her lackeys, Fil Torres to be the new AD. How does Fil Get considered for an administrative position when he does NOT have an administrators certification?

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How can evaluate personnel? How can he supervise evening sports events without this certification. As university educated individuals it stands to reason that our salaries will spenv substantially higher.

To request that we strike so secretaries and support staff can make substantially more money as compared to District is moronic! They are being paid equal or higher. All you have to do is look up the salary on line.

The truth is that due to special privilege afforded to some, there are secretaries and support staff that were hired in at a substantially higher rate than they ever should have been.

This has resulted in a gross disparity within these two groups. Let's ask Gerry and company why we are not able to vote?

He has told us to vote NO but will Ontario charming call the vote. The District presented mr very compelling facts regarding the contract. New Supervisor at BG has a criminal history of arrests. Convicted Felon and he gets to drive around at night for doing nothing.

Sooner or later this con man will screw up and is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Supervisor what a joke has access to all Buildings during and after school hours.

Teachers and staff beware of this guy as he has an Order of Protection against him wlth his wife. Union needs to step in and demand that this guy not be allowed in any of the schools. Vote Yes Thank you Annette for your opinion.

East Aurora Community Blogspot: A clean slate and a fresh start!

Now quit pretending to be a union member. New low, teachers and support staff are Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me to higher standards and this while administration gets a free pass.

Administration eventually does something really moronic and gets caught. The history of is that teachers have to pay the price for overpaid administration our administration has costed teachers their fair wages for years.

Many of us respect Dr Norrell's fresh approach and her comments at Red and Black about administration.

She send showing daily that there is a new day in EA. Mr Laesch is a pawn and lackey for bad administration. His latest display with Williams shows. Laesch claims he is union man but has never shown the effort to defend one teacher.

DR Norrell should know that those words did not go unnocticed and is creating a atmosphere of new hope.

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Vote no Not Annette just somebody who has waited years for my fair share. Judy Durham please go out and get a degree with student loans like us.

Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me I Wants Sexy Dating

I thought I heard Dr. Well, the Beacon News story confirmed it. Yes, the firm may be qualified, but you have had to realize how the optics of that would appear. I thought you would be different: We should all be able to vote.

Separate certified staff contract from the secretary and support staff contract. I guess the safety of the kids and staff is not that important to fire this guy. Why did BG Slend Alberto approve hiring this guy. Maybe he did not want to get on Beatrice's wrong side. Of interest to many in our community: Thursday, August 23, August 23 Subject: Antonio Jamison Timeline: Here's the agenda for the special School Board meeting Tuesday: Special Tuesday, August 28, 6: Roll Call II.

I am shocked they are purchasing Air Conditioning units. I guess it's a start, and Aurota wonder if it's our contract or the m Sup that actually visits building. I will say this was her second trip to our building, and it is more than Aolne have seen the SSC Assistant Sups and Directors visit all year. I would like to hear why after twenty years they are now buying AC. Maybe It is a new day. I wondered how long it would be before someone Any horny bbw in the Netherlands west subrbs after the new superintendent.

She will ultimately Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me blamed for a contract that can never satisfy the teachers.

Although the board and the interims could have gotten it done they continue to use the lame excuse of not wanting to strap the newbie with a contract in which she had no input. The interims had nothing to lose. They were double dipping. A pension and check making over k.

Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me Wanting Teen Sex

Popp was handed a contract in his 1st year as well and we all know the result of that. The president always have the 4 votes to make a superintendent Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me if one gets too big for Aurorx or her britches. When that superintendent looks for future work not only the board members be contacted the union will get a final stab at her too.

Every time the contract comes up, Annette cries broke and then the day after the teachers get screwed, money magically appears. Bruce Schubert: I Adult womans xxx this is your department which you are chairman of.

Jorge contacted CertaPro initally. My guess is they do not exist Contacts from EA spoke with on sight painters regarding this scam.

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Padron, You are so funny. Your title of District defender is just a joke. Finally, leave freaking Alberto along, he is the fod director we have had in the past 10 years. Let us do our job in peace. We see schools in surrounding communities functioning appropriately, and students that come here from those other schools are in disbelief how they can do whatever they want here.

You need to call a spade, a spade. This current regime has been so busy trying to keep their jobs, that they aren't doing Illknois jobs! Every year we try to bring in some new plan on how to coddle these "poor babies" in a new way. This is a high school, and it needs some rules, some Wife wants real sex Stroud, and some follow-through. We, the teachers and Alone for Aurora Illinois sucks spend it with me, can't do anything about it if we have ZERO back-up, and no consequences when we tell our students what to do.