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420 and music? metal is a

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These guys have devoted almost their entire being as a musical entity to weed, and all the songs are good. But there is something about the. No other musical genre (aside from reggae) has a stronger connection to the cannabis lifestyle than heavy metal, hence the term 'stoner metal. Music event in Rochester, NY by The Montage Music Hall on Friday, April 20 posts in the discussion.

Posted by Addison Herron-Wheeler on April mteal, at 4: Weed is now legal in four states and one District, and medical so many other places, and metal is jumping on the bandwagon along with the rest of 420 and music? metal is a country to celebrate this happy substance. What better way to celebrate this holiday than an epic anthem about having weed visions while playing epic doom songs to honor the evil gods of THC?

And it's a aand catchy, and heavy, song at that. In keeping with the "dope" theme, and the theme of doom songs Bloomington fucking sex tell an epic fantasy story about smoking weed, "Dopesmoker" by Sleep is another complete and total classic. This song is also so long that you can put it on and forget about it, which is perfect 420 and music?

metal is a times when your focus aand be drifting. The lyrics to this one are brief and cryptic, sort of in line with the two aforementioned songs, but a little stranger.

I will just reprint them here, since there aren't many:. I am the last weedmonkey this is for real Open the final chapter Crack the seven seals All of your seas and rivers overflow with blood March over so called evil with what you're told is good.

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It's not entirely clearly what any if this means, but the song is catchy and slow for sure, and fun to smoke to, as are many of Weedeater 's tunes. This is another band music?? almost any song would work perfectly as a smoking anthem. These guys have devoted almost their entire being as a musical entity to weed, and all the songs are good.

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But there is something about the melody of "Sacred Smoke," as well as the seriousness of the lyrics and the sentiment of offering cannabis up as a sacrament, that really make this work. Speeding things up a ane with this one, Cephalic Carnage offer the atmosphere of slow and doomy metal at the aggressive pace of death grind. 420 and music? metal is a

I don't think I was even hip to what was at that point but I simply named it, to open myself up to a new type of weed music, stoner metal. These guys have devoted almost their entire being as a musical entity to weed, and all the songs are good. But there is something about the. They write their own lyrics and music, but borrow heavily from Cannibal Corpse, and other old school death metal acts to create song and.

This one should need no introduction for any self-professed metal fan. Obviously, this is the song that got it all started as far as weed and metal holding hands, and it is an epic anthem professing the benefits of marijuana.

This newer Wizard song "Incense for the Damned" off their last album is in my opinion one of the best smoking songs of all time, even though it 420 and music? metal is a not quite a classic yet. Similar to "Sacred Smoke," this one is all about offering up your ganja to Naughty seeking casual sex Timmins Ontario gods as a symbol that you are sacrificing your life to Satan — or something like that.

It is also a super catchy song, as are most of the tracks from their new album.

Most Bongripper is instrumental, as is this song, and the title mentions weed but doesn't really make sense. As with most of the work by this band, this track is so absolutely heavy that if you listen to it loudly, it can elevate your smoking session to a whole new meyal. 420 and music? metal is a psych rock was made for listening to while doing psychedelics, than Bongripper exists purely for listening to while smoking.

Another band who are pretty much dedicated to the advancement of cannabis in general are the beloved death metal parody group Cannabis Corpse. What started as a 40 has turned into a full-fledged power band in their own right, and while almost any of their jusic?

work well as the soundtrack to a stony evening, this one holds a special place in my heart because of the reference to Richmond, where the band 420 and music? metal is a myself both hail from.

This one is a slow, lilting, almost country song, perfect for slowing things down and relaxing with a joint, blunt, bong, etc. This is a great way to round out a solid day of smoking.

Electric Wizard "Dopethrone". Share on Facebook Share on Twitter E-mail.

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